Handy tools to analyse web page

If you want to analyze which script files or which css files are being used while accessing Obiee Dash board pages then good to go with FireBug or if you want to analyse request response headers, time analysis among request responses,tcp connections, network latancy etc in detailed then go with HTTP Aanalyzer.

Case Statement (Bins) filter.

If we have a requirement to have case statement on column and it has some filtering condition on it. Filtering cannot be achievable by make use of presentation case statements or Bins, but using repository it’s possible.
Create a new logical column with required case statement in repository pull it on to Presentation, this will works fine with all filters.
Just to demonstrate I have made a dash board page with page prompt and report. Page prompt consist rpd case statement column and also presentation case column. Report consists of same above columns and one measure in a table.
Now if you try selecting any value in presentation case prompt, report will not effected with selection where as rpd -coulmn will be works fine.
Under line concept is using rpd column formula will be placed in physical SQL’s Where clause as well as Select, contrast Bins(presentation case) – column will put case statement in only SQL’s Selection clause.

Hope helpful to you

On detail report - popup(new window) link

Today I have a requirement to show popup link (new window) on detail page, tricky part is popup link has to appear on detail report but not on main report page.

To achieve this,
Use Static Text view along compound view of report with following Java Script and also enable Contains HTML Markup check box.

<--script type="text/javascript">function newPopup(url) {popupWindow = window.open(
<--a href="JavaScript:newPopup('path_to_dashboard_url_or_any_other_url');">Click Here to open in new Window </a--!>

If we want to customize pop up window properties we can accomplish in following ways.Java Script API “Window” has all these properties which can be set through above function.
Status, toolbar, location, menubar, directories, resizable, scrollbars, height and width.
Sample example:
window.open ("http://tipsonobiee.blogspot.com",
"mywindow","menubar=0, resizable=1, width=350, height=250, location=1, toolbar=0, scrollbar=0");

Case Insensitive search

Some times performing case insensitive search through connection pool(alter session set NLS_SORT=BINARY_CI, alter session set NLS_COMP=LINGUISTIC) is not a feasible way.
Suppose in some report, user wants to have case sensitive search/filter, in this situation above solution is not feasible.

In those cases following method will be useful.

Make a filter using advanced sql option with reference column as uppercase column and also presentation variable.

In detail,

1).Create prompt assign default value as %%(to display each and every row) and also assign a variable to this.
2) Create report, in the report create a filter using advanced – Convert this filter to SQL option, now in this edit box make reference column as upper case and also variable.

In this way we can achieve case insensitive search problem.