nQSError: 61013 Can not save changes to the repository

If you come across following error don’t be panic.
warning: can not save changes to the repository because,
[nQSError: 61013] File error: path= C:\OracleBI\server\Repository\paint.rpd , code=31: There has been a sharing violation.
May be its because of, you have started working on repository (offline mode) then started BI Server, after server services start, if you try to save repository you will see above message.

If you want to save all your changes just stop BI Services, and then save repository it will save all changes made to repository.

Obiee all Message Reference

Siebel Analytics Message Reference(click here to download) it’s a powerful tool for developer for debugging any problem occurred in obiee environment. It explains context of each message and suggests possible steps to overcome the problem.

Display Data Base Images on report

Inspired by one of post in OTN forum on how to populate data base images on a native report, here assumptions are database having image URL, images are residing in image resource folder.
To do that first keep all images files in OracleBI\web\app\res\s_oracle10\images i.e fmap:images\xyz.jpg
Keep all image file names (with file extn) in database as required.

Exp: Suppose geo dimension with
South as south.jpg
West as west.jpg
East as east.jpg,
North as north.jpg

To display images on report:

Add image’s column to report
(Just to illustrate example I have added image file names in ERROR_TEXT in Usage track Schema.)
Click on Column Properties, go to Data Format tab

Check “Override Default Data Format” and from drop down choose “Custom Text Format”
In Custom Text Format edit box place following script.
@[html]" < !-- img src="\\analytics\\res\\s_oracle10\\images\\""@H""" -- > "(Please uncomment html tags)

Browse report, images url's will be fetched from database appended with resource file displayed on report.

Here is a good example on how to embed image on a web page with various options.

Conditional Formatting in Grand Total in Pivot Table View

Just now saw a post in OTN on Conditional Formatting in Grand Total - Pivot Table View, here is a possible work around for this.

Sample Exp
Region price per unit
south 89
north 86
west 92
east 99
Grand total 91.5

Conditional format is if 90% above is green other wise red this works well on individual cells but not in default grand total option.
Possible solution is, create a report with required columns and apply required conditional formats on columns. Create pivot view, locate column choose more options, on click menu choose “new calculated item …” select function as AVG and select all available columns, give a name Grand Total or what ever may be say ok.
Now you can able to see conditional format on custom row "Grand Total Row".

Here are steps to do that(Paint Example)

Thinking on..., are there any other easy solutions :)