Non Existing Value as Default Value in Controls

Requirement: How to populate non existing value in obiee controls(Dropdown, Multiselect or Edit Box) and point this Non Existing Value as Default Value of Control?

Step1: Select Required column in Prompts.
Step2: In "Default To" Drop Down Select "SQL Result" place query like following

If column is string type
SELECT Max(ColumnName)||SomeNonExistingLongStringWhichEverOne FROM SubjectArea

If column is number type
SELECT Max(ColumnName)*9876543210 FROM SubjectArea

Underlying mechanism, query will get maximum of that column which is unique and for that value we are adding or concatenating with some strange in this way we can make sure that value will not exists in Column.

--Obiee Lover

Dropdown Reports

Today afternoon I got an idea of "Drop Down Reports"

There might be a better solution:), my thought process working on it.

To get start with

Want to display report based on report selection from Drop Down control in OBIEE.


Step0: Have a logical column("Report Name" in my example)with all reports to display.

Step1: Create a request with only one Report Name logical column.

Step2: Add 2 filters, first one is "is prompted" and second one is "is equal to ADAMS"(here "adams" is my report name).

Make this column as invisible.

Step3: Make this column as “hide”

Step4: Save request as “to display report xyz”

Repeat step1 to step 4 for each and every report to display on page.

Step 5: Now create a page/dashboard prompt with same logical column as in step1 i.e “Report Name”

Step 6: Operator as “is equal to”

Step 7: Control as “Drop Down”.

You can choose Multi Select control to display multiple reports on same page.

Step 8: Save this prompt.

Step 9: Create new page on dash board

Step10: Add Section, say Dash Board Section.

Step11: Drag and drop dash board prompt (step 8 one) to this section.

Step 12: Add one more section say “Section to display ADAM report”

Step13: Drag and drop “to display report xyz” request (Created in step 4)

Step 14: Drag and Drop request “XYZ” i.e Report to display on page.

Step 15: edit step 12 properties, Choose Guided Navigation link as following

A: Reference Source Request option to “YES” and

B: Source request url as STEP 4 one.

C: Show Section option enable for “If request returns rows”

Repeat Step 10 to Step 15 for each and every report to display on page.

Step 16: Save this page.

Now dash board looks like this, when Drop down Report Select is “Clark”. Dash Board shows only specified report rest every report are hidden.

Like this, I have achieved this requirement.

--Obiee Lover