On detail report - popup(new window) link

Today I have a requirement to show popup link (new window) on detail page, tricky part is popup link has to appear on detail report but not on main report page.

To achieve this,
Use Static Text view along compound view of report with following Java Script and also enable Contains HTML Markup check box.

<--script type="text/javascript">function newPopup(url) {popupWindow = window.open(
<--a href="JavaScript:newPopup('path_to_dashboard_url_or_any_other_url');">Click Here to open in new Window </a--!>

If we want to customize pop up window properties we can accomplish in following ways.Java Script API “Window” has all these properties which can be set through above function.
Status, toolbar, location, menubar, directories, resizable, scrollbars, height and width.
Sample example:
window.open ("http://tipsonobiee.blogspot.com",
"mywindow","menubar=0, resizable=1, width=350, height=250, location=1, toolbar=0, scrollbar=0");


  1. Hi Srinivasa,

    I have read your blog "Information on Request XML". My requirement is when i click on a navigation link, the result should be displayed in the new window. Is there any property that i can set for the following to open th link in new window

    <--saw:navigation xsi:type="saw:sawNavLink">
    <--saw:navTargets> <--saw:navTarget xsi:type="saw:reportLink" path="/a/b..."/>

    Best Regards.

  2. Hi Srinivasa,

    I have read you blog "Information on XML". My requirement is to open the link given in Navigation target in a new window. Can we achieve this in the XML code?
    <--saw:navigation xsi:type="saw:sawNavLink">
    <--saw:navTargets> <--saw:navTarget xsi:type="saw:reportLink" path="/a/b/LocationTrend"/><-/saw:navTargets><-/saw:navigation> In this code can we specify target="_blank"?

  3. Hi Anonymous & Anu,

    I did not got chance to explore as you said, playing with xml.
    As you said situations I will prefer following things.
    If you don’t want to prompt anything then go for HREF data type,
    If you want to prompt in detail report then use GoNav function.

    If you still facing issue do let me know.


    1. Hi,

      Were you able to find any workaround for this? i am also struggling for the same:-(



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